Book marketing plan that got Business Doctors sold out in under a year

Business Doctors Flipkart

My self-published book, Business Doctors, shows an Out of Stock status on Flipkart.

My year-long publishing experiment is over and I won’t be printing any more physical copies. This puts Business Doctors in an unusual situation, with a dormant demand building up for it but no new stock to quell it.

Here’s the book marketing plan that helped in getting it to this stage.

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How to improve your creative writing skills

Almost all the posts you see on this blog focus on what to do after you have completed writing your book. Some focus on writing query letters, pitching to literary agents and publishers, dealing with rejection letters. There have been none on how to improve your creative writing skills. All this while we’ve been ignoring the big elephant in the room – bad writing. That’s a big reason why many authors get rejection letters from publishing companies and literary agency.

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Is Self-publishing harming authors & the publishing industry?

Self-publishing has been growing at an impressive or alarming rate, depending on which side of the fence you are. Authors tired of waiting for the bigger publishing companies are taking the reins of writing, editing, cover designing and publishing into their own hands. Some are making money. Most are falling by the wayside.

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Promoting books and authors in the Indian media

Apart from trying to get your kick-a$$ manuscript for your soon-to-be best-seller novel on the tables of influential editors, I hope you have also been working on the less glamorous but equally important task of strengthening your ‘author platform’.

It’s not just important for publishers to discover you and your work. It is also important for your readers to discover you.

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eBook market in India

I have been getting increasingly curious about the size of the eBook market in India. More than the size of the ebook market, I’m also keen on learning about whether Indian readers are latching on to the new trend of using electronic reading devices such as Kindle, iPad and notebooks. And the interest in the ebook market isn’t an overnight development. There’s a reason behind it.

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Average commission rates charged by literary agents

After all these posts, I realised the most frequently asked questions relating to literary agent commissions in the minds of new authors haven’t been directly tackled yet. What’s the average commission rate for literary agents? What is this commission applicable on? How do literary agents get their share (i.e. how do they get paid)? Does the commission percentage remain the same for everything that the author sells? Do these rates justify full-time literary agent jobs?

Well, I’m not too sure if we should get into that last question. But let’s try to get some answers for the others.

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6 benefits of NOT having a Literary Agent

Most blog posts on publishing related websites talk about how important it is to have Literary agents represent authors. So it is only inevitable that the reverse question comes up frequent, specially from authors who’ve tried their best to reach out to the best literary agents in town (and outside) and haven’t had much luck.

Aren’t there any advantages of not having a literary agency offer representation? You bet there are.

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Re-sending Query Letters: Is it ok to re-submit to literary agents and publishers?

Literary agents and publishers reject an overwhelmingly large number of query letters than they accept. With those odds, it’s hard not to have gone through the rejection and dejection phase. In many cases, it’s not even an outright rejection of the query letter through a template responses. It’s that eerie silence from the other side that gets on the nerves of new authors. There are ways for authors to deal with rejection.

But does a rejection (implied or explicit) from a literary agency that was on the top of your wishlist mean it’s the end of the road for you?

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