Freelance writing jobs for online content and articles

Freelance writing jobs where you write short online articles or create other online content for popular websites may not be the same as getting a book published. But it can provide enough exposure for new writers to learn how to write marketable content. More like taking baby steps towards the bigger goal of having your name on bestselling novels or non-fiction books. Many sites offer paid and unpaid freelancing writing opportunities for new writers who are hoping to make a mark.

Creating and maintaining your own blog is the best brand building exercise you can do for your writing career. But it can be a time consuming process, as it involves a whole lot of non-writing work (quite a bit of it can be technical in nature). If you are just starting off and don’t have the time or the inclination to start your own author blog, you could still reach out (as a freelance writer) to established online platforms that have a ready audience for your work.

How much freelancers get paid by online writing sites will vary according to the niche and genre that you excel in. Go with the assumption the money you earn will be peanuts. While you are starting off as a freelance writer, don’t do it for the money. But to learn more about how you can market yourself and your writing to teams that will judge your work on the basis of its popularity quotient.

The website owner will be playing the role of a traditional publisher. Many of the rules that apply to the traditional print publishing industry apply to the online world too. Popular sites that get a lot of traffic will be concerned about the quality of posts and the credibility of the writers (even if they are guests). Nobody wants spammy, low quality writing that will destroy the credibility of their websites.

I do this for my other MBA blog, where I allow guests to share stories about their successes, struggles, strategies as it applies to business schools. The credibility comes from the fact that all our guest writers been there, done that. Since the time I put up the page inviting guest posts on related topics, I get tons of requests from many (mostly SEO professionals) who are just looking to submit mediocre content in exchange for backlinks for their clients. I send across a polite ‘No thank you’ to them.

The best option is to search the internet to find out websites that are closely linked to your topic of interest and see if they are looking for freelance writers. If you don’t see an open invitation for freelancers, but if you think you can write something that their readers will find useful, send across an email.

If you aren’t able to locate specific websites, here’s a listing sites that offer freelance opportunities to new writers. Check them out and continue building your own list of preferred sites to track.,,, Caferati (seems like they’ve been inactive for a while)

As always if you come across any sites that you think offer the best freelancing jobs or online writing opportunities for new writers in India, share them in the comments below.

The BIG reward is getting your own book publishing contract, but that can take time. Boost your confidence by aiming for smaller wins that are easier to target. It’s always nice to see your name in print and keep pushing you towards your ultimate goal.

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  1. I want to right articles about politics and current topics as a freelance writer. How can start? I have no idea.

  2. Sounds interesting. Any updates ?
    I like writing as a hobby and am looking for a platform to publish my work online.
    Presently I maintain a blog on WordPress.
    I would like some tips, please.
    Thank you.

  3. Mr Sameer , Thank so much for the valuable information !! It is great to know that you are associated with Jacaranda Literary agency. Actually, i have self published my 1st non-fiction book on Kindle which is titled “NEGATIVE TRAITS WHICH CONCEAL YOUR POSIIVE TRAITS” and when i had attened a seminar organized by Amazon kindle they informed that for self publishing on kindle , you do not have to go to any literary agent. So i have never approached any literary agent till now.

    About myself, i am an HR in a leading 3d animation company in Mumbai who is passionae about writing and loves reading.
    Will surely try to read your book.

    Warm Regards


  4. Hi Sameer, its been inspiring with all these ideas you render, am not an author but am haunted by many smiling thoughts and believe one they will finally introduce me to authors world. When that day comes do I have to have my piece red by popular authors before sending my proposal to a publisher? Is it a must?

  5. Hi Sameer

    I have written just few pages, I am wondering whether I can get in touch with publisher during writing period or I can do so after finishing the writing part.


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