Do you have a publisher-friendly blog?

What’s the best way to convince a publisher that you have a platform to promote your books so they take your query letter and your book proposal seriously?
I used my blog to sell X hundred/thousand copies of my first book.

What’s the next best way, if you are an unpublished author with a popular blog?
I haven’t been published yet, but I’ve used my blog to sell X hundred/thousand copies of other books in the same genre.

Even if it isn’t mentioned in your publishing contract, your publisher would still want you to do your best to promote your book. In a previous post, I had shared some ideas on why an author needs to have a blog irrespective of whether you are going for traditional publishing, self-publishing, printed books, ebooks. Having a blog is less important than having an ‘effective’ blog.

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7 Reasons why you should start an author blog

I maintain 3 blogs. The first one is an MBA blog which is quite popular among Indian MBA applicants who are targeting international business schools. The second blog is based on a creative word puzzle (Onamography) that I invented. This is my third blog and focuses on helping budding writers break into the publishing industry.

Maintaining a blog can be tedious. Maintaining 3 blogs can be, well, tedious X 3. But there are definite benefits that you can expect to get back if you understand the basic rules of the game.

Whether you are a struggling author waiting to get your first book published or you are a veteran in the field, having an author blog is a good idea. It serves to be more than just a marketing platform. If you don’t have a blog yet, here are some reasons why you should start writing blog posts

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Why social networking in the real world is important for writers, bloggers and authors

The virtual world offers writers a fantastic opportunity to open the mind and let their thoughts soar. No boundaries, no constraints. Just you, your thoughts and your creative output. Inspiring and poetic, huh? But if you have been writing for a while, you’ll agree that after a while it can start seeming like a pretty solitary activity, with you in front of your computer typing away to glory.

I worked in the corporate world for several years and each day would be filled with multiple meetings with members from various departments. Apart from the analytical and documentation work, every activity revolved around people. After saying adieu to the corporate environment, there was this suddenly change in my work ambience

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