Asteroid Belt (Gaane mein daal) – The frustration release song

In a world full of frustrations, pressure and tension, it is extremely rare to encounter an earth-shattering concept that gives you the strength and hope to tackle the negativity that permeates our everyday lives. This latest addition to alternative healing therapy world has the potency to leave you speechless.

The idea is simple, yet powerful. Rather than make a hue and cry about being at the receiving end, make a song about it. Or in other words – ‘gaane mein daal’.

The concept is literally out-of-the-world as it draws symbolic inspiration from the Asteroid belt, the dark underbelly of our bright and glorious solar system. It exists but we don’t openly acknowledge its presence. It troubles us at regular intervals by shooting meteorites into the earth’s atmosphere, and our response is generally in the form of feel-good action movies where earthlings (sometimes superheroes) battle nature and the laws of physics to save mankind. But apart from the intermittent trips to fantasy-land, nobody thinks about cleansing the solar system and getting rid of the debris.

If the analogy isn’t obvious yet (an indication that you need to try out this therapy), in the paragraphs above, replace the solar system with the human mind, replace asteroids with negative emotions. And the whole symbolism transforms into a revelation of gigantic proportions and implications. Alright, we’ve spoken enough and the hype-o-meter needle is breaching the red mark. So ladies and gentlemen, presenting the frustration release song – The Asteroid Belt (Gaane Mein Daal). It is a fun video created to inspire and entertain, not offend. So please view it in the right spirit. The creators of this video prefer to remain behind the scenes.

Can’t see the video? Click Here to watch it directly on Youtube.

So what do you think? Did you like it or was it gaane mein daalne laayak?

11 thoughts on “Asteroid Belt (Gaane mein daal) – The frustration release song”

  1. Hi Sameer I have written a book titled ‘Here n Beyond’, its about self help interwoven with spirituality. Since spirituality is perceived as being incomprehensible, I have added real life anecdotes to explain some concepts. These stories I have picked up from people around me. Although I have distorted these stories and haven’t put any names in there but one of those people called me and asked whether the story was hers? What do I do? SO many such examples in my book – I am fearing, that I might land up hurting a lot of people. I know i should have thought about it before writing the book, and I did, but at that time it did not come across as a major problem. Is it ethically wrong to write about people even if the story has been modified? Please help.

  2. Rashmi: As you’ve rightly said, this would’ve been better tackled before the book was published. If the examples are too specific, then it would still be obvious to the people who’ve gone through it, even if you’ve altered the incidents slightly.

    Since it’s water under the bridge now, and I assume there are several thousand copies in the market (if you’ve gone through a traditional publisher), then there’s not much you can do about it.

    For the occasional query you get from folks who think it’s their story, be honest and admit that you should’ve checked with them first. As long as your intentions of using them were noble (to help others, rather than to hurt your friends) and you communicate them well, they may understand.

  3. Hello mr sameer,
    This information on literary agents in India was indeed helpful. Could you please tell me if there are agents who could be approached for short story anthology publications.

  4. Hi Sameer,

    I am really grateful, people like you are out to help budding authors. I am an amateur and it is so difficult to move forward . I just know how to write but it is much more than that. My genre is supernatural and I am looking out for a good literary agent who could guide me and represent my work to the publishing houses. Could you please help me with it? How do I approach them and what can I expect from them? Most importantly what would they be expecting from me?

  5. dear sameer,
    please mail me best rated publishers in india and they should publish through out the world too…i mean good rated publishers(trustworthy)


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