Looking for free ebook, pdf, video, torrents for Beyond The MBA Hype?

Update: This post was published when the ebook version wasn’t launched. Now the ebook is available on Amazon. Here’s the link:

Download MBA Hype from Amazon

Many MBA applicants are looking for free downloads of the Beyond The MBA Hype ebook, pdf from online torrent sites after reading the good reviews that have been popping up on various publications. After the book featured as a non-fiction bestseller on the Times of India, the free download searches on Google have gone up.

Before we get into the interesting observations and analyses, there are a few clarifications on the topic.

– There is no official ebook or pdf version in the market yet. Also nothing on Amazon or Kindle. If you have a ‘soft copy’ of the book on your computer, it is illegal (and big brother may be watching and tracking your downloads).

– For now, the book is only available in the print version for 250 Indian Rupees (INR). Most resellers are offering discounts on it, so the actual price that people are paying is between INR 150-175 (under $4).

– The international rights for the book have not been sold yet and it is only available in India.

– Some online book stores like uRead.com are shipping it abroad pretty cheap. In fact, even after including the shipping costs, it is still cheaper than the international editions of books available in dollars, pounds and euros. The magic of exchange rates!

– As Flipkart and the other online book stores deliver it home for free in a day or two. So laziness or not being able to go to a book store aren’t valid reasons.

Right, so now that we have the facts laid out on the table, let’s get back to our interesting observations about those who are trying to dowload a free ebook or pdf of Beyond The MBA Hype.

We are not going to talk about piracy or legal implications of downloading free but illegal copies or ebooks. Publishers have been collaborating with ISPs and online sites to trace and penalise such activity. IP tracking!

But here’s the interesting part. Guys who are looking for the book are prospective applicants to the top MBA programs that will cost a cool $100,000 or more. 50-80 lakh rupees in the actual MBA program versus 250 bucks for a book that could help make the most (or save) the bigger investment. Seems like a no-brainer. But the ‘thrill’ of downloading these free books (at the risk of legal action) still appears irresistible for the future leaders of the business world. Interesting!

Any psychoanalysts (or regular guys) with theories of why that happens?

If you don’t want to get into that debate and just got here looking for a legit version, you can order your copy of Beyond The MBA Hype from Amazon for a discount.

7 thoughts on “Looking for free ebook, pdf, video, torrents for Beyond The MBA Hype?”

  1. Hi Sameer,
    I would absolutely love a pdf version of this book to carry around on my tab knowing well that I will not have misplaced a hard copy.
    Your argument is valid but you need to step up to the digital age. Myself, along with other techies, aspiring to go in for an MBA will much appreciate this. Perhaps, on a per request basis?

  2. Vivek,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    When the book was published, we felt it would have a very small market in India. So we thought of taking baby steps (i.e. stick to the printed version) to begin with.

    Going by the response to the printed version so far, I realise that there’s a demand for the book outside India and among those who prefer digital versions. So an ebook version is definitely in the pipeline. But it might be an international edition and that would need some additional work on the content. I’m also waiting for a few other things to be sorted out. So it might take a while.

    Would be great if you could pick up a printed copy in the interim. I’d love to have your reactions on the book and any suggestions for the international ebook version.

  3. Hi sameer,
    Today only I saw your book in hand of my friend . And i liked it. The content was as appealing as the title though I read only few pages.

  4. Hi.
    My name is shyam bajaniya.now I’m doing bachelor in fisheries science.and my English is weak.
    I want to do MBA in canada.so how can I do it.
    And GMAT is also hard for me.and I can’t pay the fee.☹️
    So what I do?
    Plz help me.
    I’m in first year.


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