Beyond The MBA Hype on The Times of India bestsellers list

There was no formal book launch for Beyond The MBA Hype, no celebrities waxing eloquent about the book and consequently very limited media attention. People I knew started finding out that my book got published based on my Facebook comments and they would be kind enough to reach out with their best wishes.

A few days back I got a phone call from a friend congratulating me (yeah, Ravi-bhai, you triggered the story). I thought this was another one of those calls trickling in. But it was unusually early for him to call and he sounded more enthusiastic than the other callers. He mentioned that he had seen a familiar sounding name in that day’s newspaper under the bestseller’s section and wanted to know if it was me.

I hadn’t seen the newspaper, so I had no clue what he was talking about. Then he mentioned the name of the book and the confused expression on my face turned into a silly grin.

The Times of India had listed ‘Beyond The MBA Hype’ as one of the must-read bestsellers on their list. I logged into Facebook (since I left the corporate world, FB has become my window to what’s happening in the big bad world out there). Another friend of mine (thanks, Nitin) had sent across the link to the online version of the bestseller list.

It had the fiction list on top – Aleph by Paulo Coelho, The Secret of the Nagas and The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi. Where’s mine, damn it! Were my friends just pulling my leg? Then the non-fiction section began – Aah! There is was. Sandwiched nicely between The 7 Spiritual Laws of Superheroes by Deepak Chopra and Does He Know A Mother’s Heart by Arun Shourie. Nice!

The silly grin lasted for several minutes more as I started reminiscing the entire journey that preceded this milestone. The entire story from writing the book to seeing it in print had taken (any guesses?), well, several years. And it’s been one roller-coaster ride that I never imagined – from the hundreds of rejections, to getting signed up with my literary agents, to the publishing contract from HarperCollins. It all seems like a blur now, but wow…what a long, slow and blurry blur it has been. More on that later.

For now, just one little piece of advice for new writers trying to break into the publishing industry – Hang in there!

10 thoughts on “Beyond The MBA Hype on The Times of India bestsellers list”

  1. Hi Sameer,

    Thanks for the advice. I have received atleast 4 rejection slips (err emails) from literary agents. I had started losing steam, then I read this article. It surely did a lot of good to my confidence levels. Thanks again!

  2. Good to hear that, Nithya.

    With 4 rejections, the journey is far from over. You are just gaining traction now and it’s important for you NOT to lose steam.

    Use every rejection as an opportunity to introspect. Keep fine-tuning your approach and get back in the race.

    Good luck!

    P.S. My friend (who called me up regarding the bestseller status) did so after his wife saw it first in the newspaper. Her name is Nithya! Coincidence or a sign from above? 🙂

  3. Hi Sameer,
    I finished my first novel and I am not able to find out any good editor. I am based at Hyderabad.Can you help me out with the any suggestions in my search for a good editing services provided by any company or individual editors?

  4. Dear Sameer and everyone who commented here.

    I am about to release my book ( Meditation-The Cure) over this weekend. I did go through vanity self-publisher but pulled out in the middle to have independent printer and designer.

    I am doing exclusively with Amazon for the moment for print and e-book version. I am actually looking for forming a group of self-publishing forum from India. Do you think it is a good idea? Is there any right now? There is so much we first times need to know in India and not much seems to be available for Indian authors.

  5. Really helpful..only thing more I want to ask is I am working on my debut novel and I read somewhere that I should copyright it before reaching out to a publisher what’s your it very much essential or can i go without it too?

  6. Hi,
    I have published my ebook on amazon kdp. But now when I am trying to publish its paperback version, the price setting tab does not show as an option. How to enable that? My primary market is India hence this is very important to me. Kindly guide & support. Thank you

  7. I write English poems. How many of these publishing houses print poetry and which one to approach. If you can guide me little more. I’ll be really thankful for your feedback. Kind Regards, Khushboo.

  8. Hey there!
    I’m writing an urban fantasy and hope to publish it. So just out of curiosity, I wanted to ask his much can I earn on publishing it and how much will I have to pay for the same?
    P.S. I’m a twelfth grade student in India

  9. Hi Sameer,
    I wonder if someone can write to you all the way from Scotland for promoting a book then why not I? In fact, I have written a book (along with other ones) on Amazon’s self-publishing platform based on the real-time need of new learners in our country whose English language background are not so sound or for that matter, have come from English as a second language option at the school level.
    There is no scope of bragging about the standard about my book because it is entirely up to the readers to decide. But in today’s online world, it calls for the harsh truth that someone “exists” there. For me, it is more than impossible to spend money on marketing of my book but I do feel it contains some valuable tips and tricks to develop one’s spoken & writing skills including the bonus tips on the basics who opt for writing Blogs as an alternative career option, particularly, from the non-English medium background in India.
    In view of the above, would you please give me some guidelines on how & where to approach to populate my book in India and of course, without spending a dime and more importantly, without breaking the copyright law of Amazon?
    My book title: Techniques of Spoken English for Beginners
    Subtitled: And the basics for new Bloggers.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  10. Dear Sameer,
    Your guidance to get a book published is marvolous. I have written a non-fiction type book and looking for a publisher I am facing some problems and will like you to help me. Aelph as well as Random house publishers will not accept an unsolicited submission. I think they will through the papers if it is unsolicited. What unsolicited imply I have failed to understand.
    Some publishers accept only if a literary agent recommend a book. In India how to find a literary agent and how much they charge. Please help me in these


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