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In India, many leading publishers directly accept submissions from authors. They might work with literary agencies too, but that pipeline of manuscripts is hardly sufficient to keep their wheels turning throughout the year. So they open up the doors to first time authors even if it means investing more resources to evaluate the avalanche of query letters and submitted proposals, in the hope that the best books and bestsellers are hiding in there somewhere.

Though there are hundreds (thousands?) of traditional publishing houses in India, a few prominent ones regularly come up in discussions and these are generally the ones that new writers target. Here’s a short list of some international publishers who have a presence in India.

The standard disclaimers about accuracy and relevance apply if you decide to use this compiled list for reference. It is not a comprehensive list. And as always, do check websites of the relevant publishing companies for the latest status and guidelines on submissions.

Macmillan Publishers India

The Big Mac! It’s a leading name that you might hear on various forums and websites. They are dominant in the education space. So if you’ve got a masala fiction novel to shop around, these may not be your best bet. But if you’ve got some academic material aimed at higher education, schools, reference books (Atlas, dictionary) to publish you could reach out to them through this link:

They’ve got their own printing press in Chennai and a solid distribution network across the country that includes 15,000 schools. As their website says, Macmillan Publishers India is always on the lookout for new authors and new ideas for publishing in school publishing, higher education as well as in the general list.

Penguin Books India

Though it’s a big name internationally, they entered India quite late (1985) and has been growing aggressively. Which means plenty of scope for new authors who have something worthwhile to offer them. Penguin has got a whole lot of award winners on its author list – including Nobel Prize, Man Booker Prize, Magsaysay Award. They have a business imprint called Portfolio. If you are looking for credibility and prestige on your resume, try to gain their interest in your book.

They are accepting manuscript submissions for fiction (novels, novellas, short stories), non-fiction, literary, commercial and almost anything else you can think of (yes, even poetry). They insist on hard copy proposals which is quite old-school, considering most of the leading publishers have already started embracing the internet for their submission process. You’ll find more details here:

HarperCollins Publishers India

Globally HarperCollins is one of the top 3 publishers in the world. A very highly regarded name in the publishing industry with many stalwarts of the writing world on its list – Paulo Coelho, Sidney Sheldon, Amitav Ghosh, Michael Crichton, the Dalai Lama, Tarun Tejpal. They are quite strong in the Indian subcontinent too and focussing on new writers. Also, home sweet home for my little MBA book.

Like Penguin they ask for hard copy submissions on their website. But in my case, everything happened over email. If my literary agency gave them a hardcopy, I’m not aware of it. But if you don’t have a literary agent representing you, I’d suggest sticking to their manuscript submission guidelines. You’ll find them here:

Wiley India

Calling your readers Dummies and expecting them to buy your book may not be the most intuitive strategy, right? But it’s worked wonders for Wiley globally and the Dummies series has sold millions of copies to some really intelligent people. Like its parent, the main focus for Wiley India is on education, training and how-to books on technical, scientific, medical and academic topics. The Publishing program in India seems to be rather vague, as far as the description on their website is concerned.

Check out their catalog and you’ll mainly find international authors. Probably there’s more data out there (that I couldn’t locate) about homegrown desi authors.

Random House India

Another big global player that you could add to your database. They have a good list of Indian authors (like Jhumpa Lahiri, Rujuta Diwekar, Namita Devidayal, Anita Desai, Mohammed Hanif) along with their international list (Salman Rushdie, Vikas Swarup, Dan Brown, John Grisham, Deepak Chopra, Edward de Bono) that they distribute in India.

The submission process isn’t explained in detailed. Just a short message requesting for a synopsis, sample chapters and resume along with an email ID to submit manuscripts ( Check out their contacts page:

Hachette India Publishers

Another company that’s very big outside India, but trying to grow here as well. Their international list is very strong in many genres, including children’s books (remember Enid Blyton?). Their submission page was the best I’ve seen so far – short, precise and very clear about what they expect from authors (preferably soft copy submissions covering – 1 page book proposal, 3 sample chapters, 200 word author bio – sent to and what authors can expect from them (acknowledgement of the submission in 2 days and a super quic decision in 6 weeks). Let me know if you agree:

Allow the publishers around 4 – 6 months to evaluate and respond back. Some like Hachette might get back earlier, but don’t hold your breath for that to happen with everyone. If you don’t hear from them, send them a follow-up note. The last thing to do is start pestering them a week after you’ve posted a copy of your beloved manuscript, hoping it’ll speed up matters. It won’t. They may just get p*ssed off with you and your work and that’ll be the end of the road with that publisher.

These are just some of the big international publishing companies that have set shop in India. Then there are also our own homegrown publishers that are doing some good work and giving the international guys a run for their money – Rupa Publishers, Roli Books, Pustak Mahal (Cedar Books). Let us save them for a separate post.

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  1. Navneet bhai,

    That’s not how it works, buddy.
    It’s a BAD idea to share your personal info on random blogs. You’ll attract the wrong kind of ‘helpers’ who’ll take advantage of your (desperate? impatient?) cry for assistance.

  2. bro i am currently writing my first non-fiction novel and i would like to have it published would you help me to achieve my goal

  3. Raviteja,

    I’m not a literary agent or a publisher. So I don’t have their resources to help you get published.

    The only way I can help out is through this website, by sharing my experiences with aspiring writers like you so you can prepare a personalized strategy for yourself to reach your goals.

  4. Dear publisher,
    I would like to introduce you about an unpublished book– ‘MahaVad’ –the great doctrine & teachings of the modern times.
    Do you want to be the publisher of this book?
    To know about it, please visit-
    If you are interested, please contact us within three days. Thank you.
    Warm regards,
    Dr. S. Ray

  5. Dr Ray,
    I normally delete spam comments like these, but felt I should retain this so other writers hoping to get published know what not to do.

    With this approach you are just alienating the good publishers and eroding your own credibility.

    Btw, this is the first time I’ve seen a spammer set a deadline 🙂

    • Hi
      Have been following your blog since 4 days. You are blunt ,witty,intelligent. .
      I could nt stop myself from laughing. . On Dacter s. Ray… invitation to get published..

  6. Dear Sameer,

    If you could just help me with two things i would really be grateful. I have 2 very basic queries.
    1. How many words should a fictional(romantic) novel contain? Just the standard number a publisher would look for is what i want to know.

    2.Is the age of the author of any significance to the publisher before agreeing to publish a book?

    I would really be very thankful to you for answering these questions of mine. Thank you for your time.

  7. Pranay,

    1. The general advice you’ll get is to write your book without worrying about the word-count. Do justice to the plot and the characters and leave the rest to the editor.

    True to an extent, but also read this post on average word count for a book and how it can influence your chances of getting published.

    [Btw, the credit for giving me the inspiration to write that post goes to you.]

    2. Age shouldn’t matter, as long as you are 18+ and eligible to get into publishing contracts. For minors, the contract legalities might be a little different.

  8. Hey Sameer,
    Thanks for all the info you share on your blog. It is really of great help and now that I see myself almost published I thought it would be the right time to thank you for all the efforts you put in to guide struggling authors.

    Warm Regards

  9. Thanks for the encouraging words, Paulami.

    And congrats on reaching your goal! Exciting feeling, isn’t it?

    When the time is right, do come back and share more details of your book, the publisher and how you managed the entire story.

  10. Hello Sameer,
    Thanks for listing the prominent publishers along with their websites.It’s very informative. If I have any query in near future,I’ll definitely seek your help.

    Warm regards,

  11. Hello Mr.Sameer
    Thank you for your advices for debutant writers like me. I’ve written a novel and has forwarded it to many publishers. However none have responded to my query yet. Is that right to pester them. Shall i forward the same again. What is your opinion about it.
    Thank you in advance.

  12. Hi Sameer,
    Thanks for this info. This is just what I want when I search for the publisher who might publish my book. I’ve just published my first novel in Kindle Store and really love to find out if I can make it to the bookstore some days. I have a few books coming up so I will send them all to the list you shared above. My only concern is how much they would take a first time writer or someone without reference seriously. I guess I should just keep my finger cross, right 🙂

  13. Hi Tes,

    There’s much more you can do than just keeping your fingers crossed.

    From your recent blog post, I see that you’ve published the book ‘Lavender Blood’ on Kindle just 2 days back and the marketing plan is yet to kick in.

    Focus your energies on the marketing now and demonstrate the commercial potential.

    Think about approaching traditional publishers only after that. Slow and steady for now.

  14. Hi Sameer

    I had a doubt regarding the amount of matter to be sent to the publishing houses/ literary agents. Should I just start by sending a sample, or should I send out the entire manuscript in the hope of a better response.

  15. Hi Mr Sameer

    I want to get my manuscript published in one of the leading International publishing house. Kindly let me know how I can pursue the same.

    One book of mine has been published in Lambert Publishing

    Dr Payal Mahajan

  16. Dear Sameer:
    I just wrote you a comment but it seems to have disappeared in the miasma that is the internet. If you receive two comments from me in quick succession, please pardon me.
    To get back to my fast receding thought process, I am one of those self published writers who is struggling to make a dent in the young adult mystery genre. It is depressing to see that most people are downloading my book only on the free “promotional” days. I think I have to start writing those “query” letters to publishing houses and in the meantime, stick to my day job. You do a great job in your blog. Cheerio!

  17. @Payal: You’ve gone through the process once, so I’m guessing you are already familiar with the process. Here’s a quick refresher –> How to write a book and get published.

    There’s also a whole lot of specfic topic (query letter, editing, book marketing & promotion tips etc) related content covered in other blog posts. Hope you find some tips to make your second round a little better, faster and more efficient than the first one.

    @Suneeta: Congrats on getting published. I see that the book was launched a few weeks back. Whether it’s self-published or backed by a mainstream publisher, it can take a while for the buzz to build up.

    So hang in there.

    Freebies are a good way to spread the word in the initial days. But don’t overdo it. See how you can get folks who are really interested in your genre to discover and read the book.

  18. Hello Sameer,

    I just read this blog post of yours and it is very informative. I need some info from you if you can help. You have given names of some famous publishers in your post. Is there any website where I can find info on ALL the publishers in India?

    Also, is it possible for an Indian author to publish his book abroad or are there any restrictions?


    Sayanta Gupta Bhaya

  19. Sayanta,

    Here’s a more comprehensive directory.

    Be careful where you are spending your precious time, though. Unless you really know about the company, its policies and its track record (through your own research or word-of-mouth) it may actually be counter-productive to chase a big list.

    You constraints on getting your book published abroad. You’ll need to convince the local publishers in that country. More or less the same approach that’s explained in this blog.

  20. What about the most reputed publisher in India, i.e. The Sahitya academy. Though they are not much for a world brand, they make it up for that by giving numerous national awards of much importance.

  21. Hi Sameer
    Thanks for helping out with your informative posts.
    Any word on copyrighting the manuscript?
    Is it safe to send a manuscript to a publisher/agent without such protection?

  22. Great work here Sameer.Pertaining to Sayanta’s querry, what about the big blockbuster novels? Do the authors bag publishers indivisually in each country or does a single international publishing house pulish it all over.
    Cheers mate.. great blog.Will pick up your book soon, I appear in CAT next year.

  23. Arjun,

    As an author, it would be up to you to decide if you want to sell country or region specific rights too your publisher or give them world rights.

    If the book does well in one region, you can take it to a different publisher in another region, and hopefull you’ll get a premium (e.g. higher advance, better marketing support) for your track-record.

    For instance, in my case, I’ve only sold the South Asia rights for my MBA book (Beyond The MBA Hype). I hold the rest.

  24. hi sameer,

    i wish to publish books for competitive examinations on my own , i wont be requiring any assistance from any publisher etc. and have my own web of marketing by which i can directly sell it to students.I just wanted to know the legal formalities to start my own publishing house.
    just a note :: i dont intend to be a publish a best seller or anything , just want to cater to needs of students and in that process if investment cost + 15-20% profit is there then i am ok with it.

  25. Rohan,

    If you are doing this just for your students, you don’t need to create a full-fledged company.

    You could just approach a good local printing press and give them the basic content and the cover design. They’ll manage the rest based on the number of copies you order.

    Once you get your copies, you can use your marketing platform to promote and sell them.

    Your profit margins will be much better that way.

  26. Pranab, Kudos to you for starting early.

    The difficulties you’ll face are pretty much the same that any other author will encounter – finding an agent / publisher, getting enough buzz going for your book, building a platform so your subsequent books make a bigger splash.

    Get a mentor who can manage the non-writing aspects of the process. That way you can continue doing what you do best – churning out bestsellers.

    Good luck!

  27. bro , i m preparing for MBA & wanna 2 gain some knowledge regarding market , leadership , innovation , entrepreneur etc. Would u suggest me some novel or book

  28. Dear Sammeer,
    Can you just list few more publishing houses. coz it hs been more than a year but i am unable to produce my books in that printing table…kindly help

  29. @Akhil: Right question on the wrong website. Get a copy of the 10 Day MBA by Steven Silbiger. Good way to get a quick whirlwind tour of the topics you’ve listed.

    @Sid: There are too many of them to be listed here. So I’ve kept the list (very) short. A Google search should give you many more options.

  30. Hi =)
    I was just hoping (very fervently) that you might know if Penguin accepts proposals for children’s books. I tried their site and I cannot find a separate set of instructions.
    And yet they seem to be publishing kiddie books!

  31. Addie: The simple rule here is to believe your eyes rather than the content on any website (even if it is the official one).

    If you see kiddie books in the market from Penguin, then they definitely publish them (and almost all the top publishers do).

    You just need to get your proposal and query letter in front of the right audience.

    Hope to see your book in print soon.

  32. As more and more novels in the ‘Crime, Mystery and Thrillers’ genre become bestsellers, we will see a spurt in publishers taking interest in this genre.

  33. Hi Sameer,

    Enjoyed reading your blog! very informative and sincere.

    Just curious, how come all the top publishers have their head office in Delhi/Noida and not Kolkata/Mumbai/Chennai/Kerala…

    does it mean Delhi is where reading culture is or is it for commercial reasons?


  34. Hi Ashutosh,
    I don’t have a researched, scientific explanation. But it’s probably a matter of natural network effect. A few big names start off and then the ecosystem of printing presses, distributors etc grows around them.

    I don’t think it has any connection with where the readers are. One Landmark Bookstore manage who had been transferred across the country said Bangalore and Kolkata sells more books.

    It doesn’t matter, by the way. I never met my publishers (also Delhi based) till 2 years after the book was published.

    Write a good book and promote it well. Other things will fall in place.

  35. Dear Sameer,

    Great great post! Thanks a lot. I am writing a book on the life an individual and will be interviewing him. I am beginning with the interview in a couple of days, and though some say publishing will be a challenge much later, I needed this info. I did visit Penguin page earlier before finding your post here. They are very precise. And yes, they seem to be the best for the kind of book I am going to write. Second choice would be Harper Collins.

    Thanks a lot for your insights! Keep up the good work.

    – Abhijeet

  36. Dear Sameer,
    Your bolg is really very helpful for budding authors-
    I have two queries-
    (i) How to get proofessional opinion on a manuscript (other than publisher and Lit. agent).
    (ii) Which publisher should one contact for autobiography.

  37. @Abhijit: Thanks for the nice words. Good luck with Penguin and HarperCollins. Both very well-respected brands to be associated with.

    @Pranay: Lavanya (Booksoarus) should be able to help. Two of the writers she’s mentored recently got some good news – one got shortlisted for in prestigious publishing contest and another got a publishing contract.
    Drop her a note on: info at booksoarus dot com.

  38. Hi Sameer
    I have recently completed a novel. After the initial submissions the publishers are now asking for the entire manuscript. The issue is, I have not got my work copyright. Is it safe to forward the entire manuscript to publishers like Srishti and APK without a copyright?

  39. Hi! Sameer I have an exposure in Publishing Industry over a period of 10 years. Would like to get connected with Publishesrs of Academic, Health Sc and Professional-S&T who needs a genuine representation in East and North East territory to explore unrepresented areas. I’m based in Kolkata and Currently assigned to the stated area alongwith Bagladesh Export.

    Would be great if you can share some clues on it.

  40. Thanks a lot sir!!!
    I went through some of your posts today and let me tell you all were just AWESOME!!! really helpful.
    I have some questions:
    How to know if your query have been accepted or not??
    Do publishers always send the rejection mail if they happened to reject it? Or they just don’t reply?
    Bdy I am currently writing a novel. Hope to meet success!!!
    And again thanks, you were really helpful sir…

  41. Thanks again sir!!
    I hadn’t expected you would reply so soon!
    Sorry, but I have a bit more queries, hope you won’t mind it….
    What’s a follow-up note?(you mentioned about it up there)
    And, can a novel on love but set in a school arena be considered a book for children? or will it be included in Adult category?
    At Hachette site, there are different provisions for submitting queries on these two different catogries… so I’m a bit confused…
    Sorry again for troubling you, but I don’t think I can find my answer to this question anywhere else.
    Thanks… and yes I still my surfing your site. It’s just full so priceless information for me!!!

  42. Shivaji: A follow-up note is one where you reach out to them again to ask whether they’ve had a chance to evaluate your query.

    On the categorisation, it’ll be tough to suggest anything before reading the manuscript.

    Reach out to Lavanya on Booksoarus (lavanya [at] booksoarus [dot] com). She’ll be able to help you not just with smaller bits like categorisation, but also ensuring that your manuscript is in a position to be submitted.

    No point in getting an interest from a publisher and submitting an unpolished product.

  43. Thank you again sir. You are very helpful, just like a mentor to me.
    I’m at my learning stage, so I still have to travel miles…
    Is there any such format for follow-up note too?
    bdy, I’m going to consult her now, maybe my next mentor!!!
    And yes, I visited this site of yours prior to this as well. It was/ is equally the best site for me to help me follow my dreams…

  44. hello sameer,
    your blog was very helpful and informative.I have just started writing my first book which is a fantasy one.I would like to know if these publishers show any interests for some fantasy novels. Also, will my manuscript be safe if I send them?.. hope to get replies from you and will come to u if I get some doubts.

  45. Hello there Sameer

    I wish to know if I can directly send my proposal to the publisher. What does a literary agent do? Where can I speak to him about this? Is it necessary to have an agent to get published?

    Also I wish to know if sending proposal via email is better. Do I need to type it on Ms word(any version) and then send it. Is this What hard copy via email means?
    I don’t know much about it. Please suggest.


  46. @Shivaji: I believe you are already in touch with Lavanya @ Booksoarus.

    @Emraan: Fantasy isn’t a mainstream market in India. But publishers are open to good scripts if you can show them the potential.

    @Pranab: KDP would be a good way to start if you are looking at it as a learning process. Don’t expect to make a lot of money from it.

    @Gursimran: You can surely approach publishers directly. That’s how most authors do it in India. The submission guidelines on their website will tell you how they prefer receiving the details. I have no idea what ‘hard copy by email’ means. Where did you hear that phrase?

  47. hey sameer.. Thanks for replying… I would like to know more about it.. Shud I contact only the foreign publishers?..Am planning for it to be a international book.. Do I need to invest some money?..If so, how much?.. pls reply briefly..

  48. Hello Sameer,

    I,m a average level publisher in Delhi. Our book’s supply in Delhi & U.P, but now I want to spread my business in abroad also . So let me know the procedure ..I know that, this is not a cake walk ..but not hob job also..pls help me to do this .. thanks

  49. Bro!
    You have given some Kickass imformation up here.

    I just have a small query, as mentioned below:

    – Is it a good idea to get your work registered under the copyright act before submitting a synopsis to any of the publishing houses? ( That’s incase they ask for a manuscript?)

    Kindly get back to me on this one.


  50. @Emraan: Yes, you can approach international publishers too. If you are sticking to traditional publishers, you don’t need to pay them money.

    @Ritu: Why not partner with someone who understands the local market instead of venturing out into unknown territory on your own?

    @Antara: No harm in getting a copyright. Here’s more on whether authors should copyright their work.

  51. Thanks a lot again sameer.. But how do I send my manuscript to the International publishers.. Do they except any thing specifically?..How will I know if my manuscript is accepted?..

  52. I m beard designer and want to launch my first beard design catalog in fashion world.. I m also limca book record holder and India book holder and PhD from world record university (u.k.).in particularfield..please suggested me

  53. Hello, I found this article of yours very helpful in many ways because I’m hunting for a publisher in India to publish a friend’s marvelous book (a fictionalized biography based on diaries, letters, archival documents) set in Jaipur during WWII. I’d be very interested to read the similar article you promised about Indian publishers, and I’ve hunted for it, but can’t find it. Have you written it, yet, or is it coming out, soon? I look forward to your kind reply, best regards, Star

  54. Hi Sameer,

    Please brief me with how to market my book which i have put on kindle.

    I will approach traditional publisher though i wanted to know if i go the self publishing route how should i MARKET the BOOK.



  55. @Harish: I’m not sure what suggestion you are looking for. You’d have to be more specific buddy. ‘Beard designing’ sounds pretty interesting though!

    @Star: No such post yet, I’m afraid. I haven’t had the time to write new posts on this site for a long time.

    @Nagendra: Marketing Kindle books isn’t very different from marketing regular printed books. You might find some of these posts useful – Book Marketing articles.

  56. Sameer, How fast do Roli publishers respond to the submissions.
    Do literary agents charge money at any point of time.
    Thank you

  57. Hi Sameer,
    I have been writing since I was 12. And never really had any confidence. I love to write in fantasy and sci-fi genre but I have few people around me to be my critics.
    I have no way to test that what I am writing is worth publishing or not.. help?

    Another query: How to write a catchy synopsis?

  58. Hello sameer.. I guess u misunderstood harish soni’s question to be mine.. No problem!.. how do I send my manuscript to the International publishers.. Do they except any thing specifically?..How will I know if my manuscript is accepted?..

  59. @Nozzers: Agents don’t charge authors. They get paid by the publishers at various stages (advance, royalty).

    @Fatima: Writing books is a great option for shy folks. You never have to get face-to-face with anyone in the process (if you prefer it that way). Here’s how to write a book synopsis.

    @Emraan: Apologies. I’ve made the correction and addressed it to Harish. Coming to your query, the process with international publishers remains the same. It starts off with the query letter. If they show any interest, then you send them partial or full manusripts (based on whatever they specify)

  60. please tell is there any publish house which publish in hindi language also.
    no one is considering my fiction fantasy novel, just because its in hindi.

    i want to get IT publish in hindi as well as in english language.


  61. Mr. Sameer
    I have written a research book on an untouched topic. I know that the book has no monetary value. If I publish it myself, no one take my theory seriously. I think that the name of publisher is also important for international acceptance. What should I do?

  62. Dear Sameer Kamat,

    I would like to get legal permission to re-print international editions of some textbooks. The purpose is to make these book available to the students of my Engineering Higher Institute (in a developing country). Do you Know how can approach this goal with a trusted publisher in India.

  63. Dear Sameer,

    First of all, I liked the way you dealt with the comment of Dr. S. Ray.

    Secondly, I was thinking that the word count must be between 50k to 100k. But, in one of ur comments, u have suggested to bother only on the plot of the content and leave the rest to the editors. Great!

    Thirdly, Penguin Publishers are not insisting only on hard-copy submissions. They have another option of email submission as well. Maybe they would have added it recently after this article of yours.

    Nonetheless, this article is much helpful for the guys who are in the stage of submitting the manuscripts. Thanks!

    Dr. R. V. Nagarajan

  64. Dear Sameer,
    I have a query regarding publishing. do you suggest self publishing? and do you have any idea of its perks and consequences. As it is my first time, i really don’t the difference between self publishing and getting published. if only you could help.

    Thanking you

  65. Hello guys

    Basically I want to know two things
    1) In how much time sristhi publication replies after menuscripts submission
    2) Is it fine to get publish from paid publisher?


  66. sir,i am looking for book publishers of novels .i am planning to start online book store that consists of only novels any one please give me some best novel publishers infomation

  67. I am a sport psychology coach practising from Bangalore. I have just completed writing a book on sport performance psychology.and have included some special topics like emotions in sport, physiology of movement, what happens when you work hard, subconscious mind in sports, meditation for sports. This book is for athletes, practitioners and sports enthusiasts alike. It is a very practical book that talks about various methods of mind- skill training with a lot of anecdotes, experiences, incidents, useful quotes etc.. Kindly help me to publish the book . I am looking for a publisher.


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