Launching the Blog

I’ve had another blog (MBA related) running for quite a while now. There were a lot of topics that I couldn’t cover there. I felt that was a good enough reason to launch another one. Easy part over. The tough part would be to juggle multiple blogs within the same 24 hrs.

For a while this might just play the role of a placeholder, without juicy content.

6 thoughts on “Launching the Blog”

  1. Hi Sameer,

    I am a regular reader of your blog.

    The purpose of writing to you is to thank you for creating this great tool – your blog. I wanted to let you know that my novel has just been accepted for publication (after multiple rejections) by a reputed literary fiction publishing house.

    It was through one of your posts that I decided to go the literary agent route. Until such time, I was querying publishers directly and obviously nothing worked out.

    I was worried about the content and genre of my novel too – historical literary fiction and then I wrote to you. You said that there was a market for everything. Thank you for that, because that probably enhanced my resolve to keep at it.

    So Sameer, you are doing great work. Work that helps hapless authors like me:) Your posts are incisive, insightful and warm. It’s good to have one person who inspires hope amongst a sea of critics.

    All the best!


  2. Sir,

    I am in a big dilemma. I am ready with my debut fiction novel. And the manuscript has been approved by most of the publishers I sent to. Some are traditional n others self publishing ones. Some are famous & some local publishers.

    I have been doing research on publishing process for more than 8 months. And the more research I do & the deeper I go, the more confused & complicated it seems. I am not able to take a decision with which publishing house to choose & trust.

    I am on a tight budget & do not wish to spend extravagantly for publishing. However time is also a constraint.

    Your guidance would be much appreciated.

  3. Dear Sameer,
    I have finished writing a fiction – and seriously thinking of printing it, but I am really confused.
    What is the correct route?
    a. self publish – notionpress/KDP/becomeshakespeare
    b. the beaten path – submitting manuscript and getting reected
    c. self print – the way you did – your experience is forcing me to rethink
    d. Literary agents?

    One more thing i am first time writer.

  4. Hi Sameer, Great blog–very inspiring for us first time writers.
    Got a question on taxation. Did you incorporate a single owner company before self publishing your book? Do you know if authors can do this in India– ie. as an author you pay yourself a salary and the book sale revenues accrue to the company? I was thinking, if you are a company, a lot of the expenses (rent, equipment, publishing expenses etc) should become automatically tax deductible…


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