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MBA Crystal Ball is an MBA admissions consulting initiative that helps candidates across the world get into the top international MBA programs and Masters degrees / MiM degrees.

The website also hosts an MBA Blog that covers business schools, essays, interviews, MBA jobs and careers. And a list of the best free online courses.

Apart from the resources for students, the site also helps universities with their content management strategies and international student recruitment plans.

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3 thoughts on “MBA MiM MS Admissions Consulting”

  1. Hi Sir,
    I was looking to study MBA abroad but do not have a good Gmat score but substanial 2years of work ex.So I think the top universities wont take me since my Gmat score’s arent good enough. Wanted to ask that doing an MBA from god university but not top ones is ok or i should reappear for GMAT and try harder.CAN you please help me out.Looking forward to hear from you.
    thank you!

  2. If your GMAT score was significantly lower than expectations (based on the practice test performances) then it definitely makes sense to re-take it.

    A top MBA (based purely on rankings) isn’t necessary, but a ‘good’ one (that helps your reach your goals) is.

  3. Hello sir, hope ur dng well. I got to know about you through one of ur article.
    I have completed my pgdm from mit- sob pune, I have been working since 18 months, I want to study further from a good foreign or Indian institute. If you could guide me about the various options and institutes available, it will be really helpful.
    I have my pgdm from marketing stream.


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