Management Consulting Jobs: Strategy, Operations, Technology

Management Consulting Jobs are the most sought in India and abroad for the rich experience, exposure, network and compensation that the industry showers on a select few. MBA Crystal Ball offers a suite of training and mentoring services for those who are keen to bag Strategy consulting jobs (or Operations consulting or Technology consulting). Your … Read more

MBA MiM MS Admissions Consulting

MBA Crystal Ball is an MBA admissions consulting initiative that helps candidates across the world get into the top international MBA programs and Masters degrees / MiM degrees. The website also hosts an MBA Blog that covers business schools, essays, interviews, MBA jobs and careers. And a list of the best free online courses. Apart … Read more

Launching the Blog

I’ve had another blog (MBA related) running for quite a while now. There were a lot of topics that I couldn’t cover there. I felt that was a good enough reason to launch another one. Easy part over. The tough part would be to juggle multiple blogs within the same 24 hrs. For a while … Read more